18 May 2011

Alternative Energy?

Yesterday, (13 Oct 08) I watched "CoolFuel USA Roadtrip" on the Science Channel. Yes, it was a waste of time. They tried hard to promote electric powered vehicles. They featured a battery powered Pontiac Fiero and a battery powered motorcycle. Both had a whopping range of 40 to 65 miles. Then they featured a battery powered scooter with a range of 15 miles. They even showed us some windmills. But they never even once mentioned the costs involved to build/convert these vehicles, nor did they ever talk about the RV they used for backup, or its fuel costs.

Alternative Energy?

First, we are still waiting for an affordable alternative fuel that Democrats say we must have. And we will be waiting for a long time.

Second, as my father used to say, "You can have anything you want - all it takes is money." There are currently two car commercials (in 08) that tout only water as exhaust (Honda and BMW). What they do NOT say is these cars cost over one million dollars each. They both run on fuel cells. And fuel cell technology has been around since the late 50's. NASA has had them for a number of years in order to power space capsules. We are still waiting for affordable fuel cells.

Alternative fuels and technology are here today. Affordable alternative fuels and technology will take a few more years.

And nowhere is anything mentioned about the rise in the cost of corn resulting from the production of ethanol. But what about ethanol from switch grass? This link will take you to a site touting sitch grass, saying it's five times more efficient than ethanol from corn. Yet, this article will tell you about subsities and loans from taxpayers to produce ethanol.

And where does it say that government must provide alternative fuels and technology? Whatever happened to the "free market?" Or is government afraid that the free market will make a profit after expending money on R&D?

Politicians (and TV commercials) are making a big deal about IRL and NASCAR cars currently racing on ethanol. But what they will NOT tell you is that IRL cars (or Indy cars, or Champ cars, or whatever you want to call them) have been racing on ethanol for over 50 years.

But that's just my opinion.


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